September 2019 - Camille

Camille has been playing the cello for 10 years! The cello is such a beautiful instrument and it paired so well with the scenery out in Samoa. I really enjoyed this shoot because it took me a bit out of my comfort zone and it’s different from my normal day to day shoots. Not only was it incredible to see Camille in her zone, but I also got my own, personal cello performance!

August 2019 - Chris & Allie 

This engagement session took place outside of Humboldt County, in Seattle, WA. We took advantage of the unique architecture and explored the city with my camera in hand. We packed our days tight. We shot with their adorable (yet hyper) dog, did a formal shoot at Alki beach, and went to the most iconic place in Seattle, Pike Place Market. I really enjoyed spending time with Chris & Allie, seeing their love for each other, and being there to capture the candid moments. 

July 2019 - Hail Grace

For this shoot, I worked with two models, Lumina & Tatum, and business owner Adriana of Hail Grace. She makes the most gorgeous crystal crowns! I wanted the models to wear simple colors to keep it from becoming too busy, and to maintain the crowns as the focal point. I chose the location of Mad River in Blue Lake because the scenery is stunning, and the water was surprisingly warm (which I’m sure the models appreciated, and so did I). We shot during blue hour to give the photos a nice moody, almost romantic feel. 

June 2019 - Alexandria

This was one of my favorite creative portrait sessions to date. There are so many beautiful places to shoot in Humboldt County, and I’ve always had the idea of shooting up on Fickle Hill. I wanted Alexandria’s outfit to be more neutral/earthy tones so it doesn’t take away from the scenery. We went with more of a rustic vibe, looking like some kind of forest fairy. It’s such a stunning location and I think it captures one of the most breathtaking views in Humboldt.